• Cold room for soured milk AD “Imlek” – Kraljevo Dairy, ice water tank Čačak Dairy; construction of refrigerated warehouse for finished products cc. 600 t –Novi Sad Dairy
  • Ammonia installation (thermosiphon compressor oil cooling) – Subotica Dairy
  • Ammonia installation for barley cooling “Sladara” – Bačka Palanka
  •  Ammonia installation for freezing up to 3 t of green peas in continuous tunnel freezer “Zora” – Mol
  • Ammonia installation for slaughterhouse and refrigerated warehouse “Yuhor” – Jagodina ; Installation for atmospheric chamber – PKB “Imes” – Padinska Skela ;
  • Reconstruction of ammonia refrigerating installation for semi-durable goods “Carnex” – Vrbas; reconstruction of refrigerated warehouse “Agromerkantilija” – Ruma; Sladara”-Cacak
  • Ammonia installation (ice water tank, screw compressor and condenser) “Somboled” – Sombor
  • Ammonia installation, rooms for feta cheese and cream cheese “Mlekara Šabac” AD – Sabac
  • Units for post-ripening and packing “Carnex-Avis”- Vrbas
  • Ammonia installation, finished products warehouse “Imlek” – Padinska Skela
  • Ammonia installation, warehouse, flash cooling rooms “Master Milk” – Blace



  • Ice water tanks, 2 units, Dairy “Mliječni put” – Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ice water tanks for milk cooling cc. (30, 40, 60.000 Lit.) AD “Imlek” – Koceljeva;
  • Vlaško Polje; Popučke; Gornji Milanovac; tank 4 m3 Dairy “Zlatarka”- Nova Varoš
  • Reconstruction of refrigeration installations of ice water tanks in AD “Imlek”- Dairy Vršac
  • Reconstruction of refrigeration installations of ice water tanks in AD “Imlek” Petrovac na Mlavi,
  • Reconstruction of refrigeration installations of ice water tanks in AD “Imlek” Gornji Milanovac,
  • Reconstruction of refrigeration installations of ice water tanks in AD “Imlek” Mladenovac,
  • Reconstruction of refrigeration installations of ice water tanks in, Dairy Velika Plana
  • Ice water tank 4 m3 (stainless steel) for technological process “Jugoremedija” – Zrenjanin


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  • Cold room for flash freezing of fresh meat “Galad” – Kikinda
  • Cold room for chicken meat 1100 kg/2h – Velika Kladuša; 700kg/2h “Radić”- Ruma
  • Slaughterhouse with meat processing “Agro Papuk”- Kukujevci (centralized system with 2 ripening units with monitoring system and temperature recording in all rooms)
  • Poultry slaughterhouse with meat processing “Avramović” – Jarak
  • Poultry slaughterhouse with meat processing “Radić” – Ruma
  • Poultry slaughterhouse with meat processing “Poljomiks” – Belegiš
  • Flash freezing tunnel 3000 kg/1h with processing and freezing tunnel, Poultry slaughterhouse “Eko Koko” – Valjevo
  • Cold room for freezing, 18 rooms and 2 refrigerated storages for frozen products Slaughterhouse “Ziper” (PIK Kikinda) – Kikinda
  • Three rooms for chicken meat storing, “KFC” Delta City – Beograd
  • Meat processing facility “Duff” Co. Int. – Vrčin, Beograd
  • Air conditioning for finished products packaging facility 2000 m3 “Carnex” – Vrbas
  • Centralized slaughterhouse refrigeration system (14 rooms with processing– 5200 m3) “Giljeva doo” – Sjenica
  • Distribution centre  2500 m3 (6 Kammern) “Vindija ” – Merošina/Niš
  • Glycol refrigeration system for semi-durable products warehouse “Carnex” – Vrbas


  • Cold room for cheese ripening and storing AD “Imlek”- Mölkerei Vršac; Petrovac
  • Cold room for cheese drying in AD “Imlek” – Mölkerei Šid
  • Flash freezing room with storage area for dairy products, Mölkerei “Bučen Kozjak” – Kumanovo
  • Centralized distribution centre refrigeration system 7500 m3 “Imlek/Zemun Mölkerei” – Zemun/Batajnički drum
  • Distribution centre 540 m3 “Subotička Mlekara” – Betrieb Altina / Beograd
  • Air conditioning for cheese production facility with controlled atmosphere (open tanks – 32000 litres of milk) “Mlijekoprodukt” – Kozarska Dubica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Air conditioning for cheese production facility (7500 m3/h of fresh air) “Imlek” – Padinska Skela
  • Centralized distribution area refrigeration system (3600 m3), centralized system for three flash freezing rooms ( 3000 Litres KM products/hour), installation of four heating rooms (4000 Litres of KM product in one charge), ice water tank 40 m3 “Dairy” – Laktaši/Banja Luka
  • Centralized distribution centre refrigeration system 4600 m3 “Imlek Boka” – Tivat Montenegro
  • Centralized distribution centre refrigeration system 3300 m3 “Imlek ” – Kraljevo
  • Storage room for milk and dairy products 1750m3 “Imlek ” – Kraljevo
  • Room for flash freezing of KM products (45 t/Tag) “Imlek “– Padinska Skela
  • Centralized refrigeration system for KM products (4500 m3 input 150 t/day) “Imlek/Zemun Dairy” – Zemun/Batajnički drum
  • Flash freezing room for soured dairy products (100 t/day) “Mlijekoprodukt ” – Kozarska Dubica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Glycol system (400 kW) – flash freezing rooms for soured dairy products “Somboled ” – Sombor
  • Storage room for finished products 1800 m3, “Imlek/Zemun Dairy ” – Zemun/Batajnički drum
  • Storage room for milk and dairy products 1350 m3, Mlekara Devolli – Istok
  • Flash freezing room for soured dairy products 3500 kg/45 min. Dairy Devolli – Istok
  • Ice water tank 45 m3, Freon installation, replacement of existing ammonia installation with Freon installation, storage room, flash freezing room PK “ZLATIBOR” AD – Zlatibor


  • Cold room for apple cooling and storage (900 t) D.P.P.”Budućnost” – BačkaPalanka; room (80t) “Intercoop”- Deronje
  • Refrigerated warehouse for apples with controlled atmosphere ULO 2000t, „Ari-Nova”- Arilje
  • Refrigerated warehouse for apples with ULO equipment “Ari Nova” – Arilje
  • Cold room for banana storing 55m3 and 110m3 P.P.”Braća Molnar” – Selenča
  • Storage room for raspberries cc. (250 t) P.P.”Agromil” – Arilje;
  • Refrigerated warehouse for raspberries, Močioci, Prilike
  • Freezing tunnel for raspberries 9t/24h, “Ivanović” – Krupanj, 14t/24h, “ML” – Valjevo
  • Refrigerator for storing and freezing raspberries cc. (1000 t) “MMS” – Arilje
  • Room for vegetables with controlled atmosphere 1200 m3 “Sagal” – Kraljevci
  • Room for frozen raspberries (5200 m3) “Master Fruits” – Milićevo Selo/Požega
  • Room for frozen raspberries (3640 m3) “Trgoagent” – Karan/Požega
  • Refrigerated warehouse for frozen fruit (capacity 300 t) “Master Food” – Užice
  • Refrigerated warehouse for fresh fruit (capacity 650 t) “Cooperativa” – Mladenovac/Beograd


  • Air-conditioned room for champignon mushroom cultivation (6000 m3) “Šampinjoni Trade” – Gornji Milanovac
  • Air-conditioning for 23 rooms “Centar za smeštaj i dnevni boravk dece i omladine ometene u razvoju – Šekspirova bb” – Beograd
  • Air-conditioning for 146 public transportation buses “GSP” – Beograd
  • Air-conditioning for 25 “Ikarbus” buses supplied to „GSP” – Beograd
  • Air-conditioning for steel and aluminium strip colouring facility, air-conditioned room 45000 m3/h fresh air “Impol Seval Va1jaonica Aluminijuma” AD – Sevojno


  • Room for cooling and storage of eggs 36m3, “Timkok” – Banatsko Novo Selo
  • Room for storing frozen pastry 80m3, “Ishrana” – Smederevo
  • Cold room for storing pharmaceutical products 140m3 “Bemed” – Beograd
  • Aggregates for water cooling Q=60 Kw and Q=27 kW “Chemical Agrosava” – Beograd
  • Freon refrigeration installation for preservation of rose seedlings „Leja NS”- Senta
  • Heat pumps (water-water) for heating hotel complex in Niška Banja – Niška Banja
  • Two rooms with single operating mode and three rooms with two operating modes and handling passages with total storing capacity (3000 t) Refrigerated warehouse “Promont Group” – Novi Sad
  • Room for confectionary products 37500 m3 “Kuhne & Nagel” – Ugrinovci
  • Two warehouses for confectionary products 1.100 m3 cc, “ITM” – Šimanovci
  • Centralized refrigeration system for rooms and fermentor “Promont Destilery ” – Novi Sad
  • Refrigeration for general purpose warehouse 33000 m2 NELT – Beograd
  • Chiller installation on fermentation tanks Promont Distillery – Novi Sad


  • Evaporators, compressors and ammonia armature for ice water tank – AD “Imlek” – Beograd, Kraljevo
  • Ammonia refrigeration installation “Yugotrejd”- Arilje; “Nektar”- Bačka Palanka; “Elan”-Srbobran; PKB “Imes”AD-Padinska Skela; “MN”-Loznica; “Flora”-Bečej; Swisslion Takovo-Gornji Milanovac; Pik Zlatibor – Čajetina; Frikom-Beograd
  • Freon refrigeration installation for “Godens”-Loznica; “Big Bull”-Bačinci; “Pobeda”-Nova Varoš; “Seme”-Čačak