Company’s program

Main activities of MASTER FRIGO include:

WHOLESALE of freon and ammonia refrigeration equipment:

  1. Hermetic compressors for commercial refrigeration equipment (DANFOSS) – Denmark and automation (thermostatic expansion valve, pressure switches, thermostats …) for freon and ammonia refrigeration equipment (DANFOSS) – Denmark
  2. Hermetic reciprocating compressors for commercial and industrial freon refrigeration systems (MANEUROP) – Frankreich-Dänemark
  3. Armatures (shut-off/regulating/check valves, sight glasses, filters …) for ammonia refrigeration installations (DANVALVE) – Denmark
  4. Semi-hermetic reciprocating and screw compressors (BITZER- Germany, DORIN-Italy, GEA GRASSO – Netherlands)
  5. Evaporators, condensers, receivers ( GÜNTNER – Germany)
  6. Milk coolers (200, 300, 550, 1000, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 5000 litres) (FIC -Italy)
  7. Refrigerant pumps (WITT-Deutschland)
  8. Freons (GLOBAL REFRIGERANTS-England)
  9. Refrigeration system components (oil separators, batteries, etc.) (ESK Schultze -Germany)
  10. Digital, micro-processor based, temperature and humidity controllers (DIXELL -Italy)
  11. Liquid receivers (DENA-LINE – Italy)
  12. Refrigeration system tools and components (REFCO – Switzerland)
  13. Polyurethane panels of Greek, German and Italian manufacturers
  14. Cold storage doors and panels (EMS – Germany)
  15. Fans (EBMPAPST – Germany)

DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND INSTALLATION of freon and ammonia refrigeration installations

(for dairies, breweries, slaughterhouses, fruit and vegetable producers; cold rooms, ice water tanks)


Technical support for choosing refrigeration system components


Services and support in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration. Our team of engeineers is always at your disposal, ready to help you realize all your plans related to refrigeration.
It’s important to note that MASTER FRIGO always has a wide range of refrigeration equipment of renowned European manufacturers in stock, which allows the company to meet your orders in record time.