History of the company

Beginnings of MASTER FRIGO company date back to the 80s, when everything started in a small service shop RMC FRIGO. In that period we only provided servicing and repair of commercial and home refrigeration equipment and appliances.
In 1993 DANFOSS was chosen as our partner for distribution of hermetic compressors and automation, which was a turning point in development of our business. Around that period we started cooperation with other leading European manufacturers of refrigeration equipment – compressors, evaporators, condensers…
As a result of increased volume of work, the need for establishment of a company which could deal with increased volume of business grew.
MASTER FRIGO company was established at the beginning of 1994 and today it represents a leading company in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Yugoslavia.
Today, MASTER FRIGO has 27 permanent employees (5 mechanical engineers, economists, qualified repairmen …), and other workers are hired for particular jobs, as necessary.
In 2001, DANFOSS gave us an award for the best company in Southeast Europe (Danube region) because we sold 26 585 units of small compressors.
In the same year MASTER FRIGO was awarded a Certificate which made it an official distributor of DANFOSS in Yugoslavia
In 2002 sales numbers of compressor doubled to 50 000 units, and sales continued to grow in 2003, when it amounted to 60 000 compressors.