Hermetic compressors for commercial and industrial freon refrigeration (1,1 kW –9,7 kW) – MANEUROP

Danfoss MANEUROP MT and MTZ hermetic reciprocating compressors are specially designed for use at medium and high evaporating temperatures. All compressor components are of the highest quality and made with precision, which allows for long life.

Compressor design allows 100% cooling of compressor motor with cold suction refrigerant vapour, so no additional compressor cooling is required.
Also, it has compressor insulation with sound-proof lining which significantly lowers noise levels without any danger of compressor overheating.
Exceptional features of internal motor protection, highly efficient design of round valve and powerful motor torque allow for reliable operation of compressor even in the most difficult operating conditions.

MT series is specially designed for use with “traditional” R22 refrigerant and contains mineral lubricating oil.

MTZ series is specially designed for use with HFC refrigerants (R134a, R 404A, R 407C, R 507) and has polyester lubricating oil.
MASTER FRIGO offers its customers MT and MTZ compressors with suction capacity of 5,26m 3/h – 47,25m 3/h.

Maneurop reciprocating compressors – MT – MTZ – NTZ (r404a-r507a-r407c-r134a-r22-r417a).pdf