Master Frigo at ProdExpo 2013 Exhibition in Moscow

Master Frigo d.o.o. and 8 other Serbian companies exhibited their products for the third time in PRODEXPO Exhibition in Moscow, from February 11 to February 15, 2013 in organization of Serbian Chamber of Commerce. This year our company used the opportunity at the most visited exhibition in Russian Federation to promote our new dairy products, besides frozen fruit from Serbia, which is already well-known in that market.
As previous year, our company tried to explore the demand of Russian market and worked on increasing sale of products of our refrigerated warehouse Master Frigo Fruits and our Dairy Master Milk and PK Zlatibor in this magnificent market.
Our experience told us that besides maintaining contacts with existing partners, we have to acquire new customers and create chances for future business deals. During previous year our company started operating in Russian market through cooperation with industrial system, and our goal is to get supermarket chains for our customers.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank our long-term partner Serbian Chamber of Commerce for its professional assistance and team performance, as well as to all personnel of the Chamber, starting with the President of the Chamber Miloš Bugarin. We think that synergy is the only thing that can help our economy make moves, that might be small on a global scale, but very important and useful for development of domestic companies.

During our meetings with Russian and domestic officials we were of the impression that further penetration of Russian market would require support of the state and its institutions. We think that nation-wide project of state support to Chamber of Commerce and domestic companies would be very useful. In that way, the projects that have already started would get a status of joint national project with an aim of gaining the best possible position in negotiations and cooperation with Russian partners. We have noticed that Russian market is better penetrated by countries that have joint approach and government support, which leads to wider range of products that can be marketed. We think that distribution centre, operating in Russian Federation, would be very useful, since it would allow for quick and efficient distribution of domestic products.
Information exchanged during the PRODEXPO exhibition will sure strengthen already traditionally, friendly relations between Serbian economy and Russian Federation.

As each new fair brings us more experience, improves relationship with customers and operations on local and global market, this fair has also enriched our business portfolio.
We will use useful and actual information collected during the PRODEXPO fair to work on increasing exports and adjusting range of products so that we can meet the needs of consumers in the Russian market.

Yours sincerely,
Radoje Cvetić, owner and managing director
Master Frigo d.o.o. Beograd