Evaporators, air coolers, air-cooled condensers, receivers – GÜNTNER

For German manufacturer GÜNTNER has been using high-quality raw materials and perfectly adjusted production technology for decades.

Product portfolio of GÜNTNER company includes the following products:
– freon air coolers with direct expansion – series: GHF/GHN/GDF/DHF/DHN/GFN
– ammonia air coolers (flooded or gravitational) – series: GHS/AGHN/ADHN/GDS
– Condensers (air-cooled)-series: GVM, GVH/GVV, RVH/RVV
– Liquid receivers – series: GBH/GBV
– Air-cooled oil coolers – series: GFV/GFH
– Corrugated tube heat exchangers – Serie: GCO
– Glycol air coolers – series: GGF/GGN/DGN
– Electronics

MASTER FRIGO can promptly delivery a wide range of air-cooled condensers, air coolers and receivers for commercial and industrial refrigeration at very competitive prices to domestic customers (directly from warehouse).