Screw and reciprocating compressor units for industrial refrigeration – GRASSO
In 2003, MASTER FRIGO has started cooperation with renowned manufacturer of compressors for industrial refrigeration from Netherlands – GROSS, which currently is a member of GEA Grouop and from now on we will be able to offer our customers all models of screw and reciprocating compressors for ammonia and freon refrigeration installations.

MASTER FRIGO offers its customers screw compressor units GRASSO of 3 series, which meet all the requirements of industrial refrigeration, such as:
1) SMALL (231 – 372 m 3/h)
2) MEDIUM (471 – 860 m 3/h)
3) LARGE (805 – 3250 m 3/h)

Here are some of the main characteristics of screw compressor units:
units can operate with all types of freons and have various operating modes.
Can be used in process industry, for refrigeration in food industry, air-conditioning, chemical industry, heating, etc.
New, asymmetric rotor profile of screw compressor with its optimal dimensions guarantees for high efficiency
Complies with cost-efficiency requirements
High reliability and long life
Each manufactured unit is subjected to prescribed tests
Optimal dimensions and simple design
Low noise and vibration level
Reliability, functionality, long life and low maintenance costs
Low oil consumption thanks to the oil separation system
Economizer system for operating under high and medium pressure

As for the reciprocating compressors and compressor units, MASTER FRIGO offers single-phase and two-stage reciprocating compressors of RC 6, RC 9, RC 12 and RC 12E series, which cover the range of 130 to 2390 m 3/h.