Milk coolers – FIC

MASTER FRIGO decided to allocate a significant part of its capacities to meet the demands of dairy industry, which includes an important segment of this industry – milk coolers for quick cooling after milking.

MASTER FRIGO has a very successful cooperation with leading Italian manufacturer FIC which includes distribution of standard milk coolers with capacity of 200, 300, 550 and 1000 litres. In addition to this standard offer, we can also satisfy other specific customer requests (e.g. milk coolers with larger volume – 1600 litres etc.), as well as large milk coolers (2 500 litres, 5 000 litres, etc.) with automatic washing system. All these milk coolers are made in accordance with standard ISO 5708 which defines requirements for equipment used in food and dairy industry.

All of the abovementioned milk coolers have simple design and reliable refrigeration system. They are equipped with single phase or three phase compressors depending on the capacity of milk cooler, and are insulated with polyurethane. On the lid they have a micro-computer controller FIPO which shows the temperature of cooling milk, but also allows for automatic regulation of equipment operation (turning compressor on/off, mixers, etc.). In addition to the controller, top side of the lid also includes single-phase gear motor.

MASTER FRIGO offers its customers all necessary spare parts (digital controllers, reducers, hinges, compressors, etc.) for FIC milk coolers, as well as servicing both within and outside the warranty period.