Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for freon refrigeration installations – DORIN

Semi-hermetic compressors of Italian manufacturer DORIN have been known for quite some time in our market as reliable and high-quality compressors.

MASTER FRIGO offers its customers the K-series compressors (MULTIKONUS System) which have the following features:
– high efficiency (especially at low operating modes), thanks to MULTIKONUS System, larger space for passage of gas and valve position
– compressor is able to operate with R22 at low temperatures thanks to the suction and pressure shut-off valve which are installed in such way that they significantly lower the temperature of inlet refrigerant (and at the same time the temperature of refrigerant at compressor discharge) and allow heat output of compressor housing
– compact and easy to repair due to its modern design, reduced size and allows optimal installation and maintenance
– reduced level of vibration and pulsation by precise selection of movable components (drive shaft, piston, piston rod, counterweight), new materials and computer-aided design
– significantly reduced noise levels of K series
– quality control in accordance with international norms

MASTER FRIGO offers its customers new H-series reciprocating compressors with capacity in the range of 0,75 kW to 2,9 kW (which represent a replacement for K-series), as well as KP-series with capacity in the range of 5,5 kW to 14,7 kW (6 models of compressors with 4 cylinders).

MASTER FRIGO offers prompt delivery of the most important spare parts for K-series MULTIKONUS reciprocating compressors.

Semi-hermetic motor compressors – dorin – series H.pdf

Semi-hermetic motor compressors dorin – R22 – series H.pdf