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Hermetic reciprocating compressors for home and commercial refrigeration equipment – DANFOSS

In the world of refrigeration equipment, DANFOSS compressors are a synonym for quality and reliable work.

Over entire year MASTER FRIGO has DANFOSS hermetic compressors, series TL, FR and SC, in its stock. These compressors are intended for work with R12, and other compressor models (for R22, R 502, R 134a) can also be delivered in a very short period, depending on the amount ordered.

TL and FR models are specially designed for home refrigerators and freezers, and they work with R12 freon, which is still predominantly used in our country.

Compressor models SC are specially designed and adjusted to the needs of commercial refrigeration devices (meat and cured meat cabinets, dairy cabinets, etc).

As official distributer of DANFOSS refrigeration automation for commercial and industrial freon and ammonia refrigeration systems, we offer our business partners full range of components that allow automated and reliable work of entire refrigeration system.

We would like to note some of the most important components from DANFOSS portfolio, such as world-renowned and recognized thermal expansion valves TEF, TEX, TEA, solenoid valves EVR (for freon) and EVRA (forNH 3), filter driers DCL/DML (permanent filter) and DCR (with exchangeable core), shut-off ball valves BML and GBC, main valves PM with appropriate pilot valves EVM/CVP/CVPP, etc.

We would like to note that we always have most of the refrigeration automation products in our stock and ready for shipping. In this way we provide the fastest possible delivery of the equipment to our customers and a quick solution for their problems.

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