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Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for freon refrigeration installations– BITZER

2nd generation semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors have a very efficient and robust configuration. Here are some of the products from BITZER’s portfolio:
– semi-hermetic single-phase reciprocating compressors (0,37 kW – 37 kW)

These compressors cover the entire scope of application with a technical concept which is used both for traditional and new generation of refrigerants. All reciprocating compressors, with 2 to 8 cylinders, stand out with their robust valve construction, high wear and tear resistance of movable components, high efficiency of installed motors which are cooled by gas intake. Patented oil return system ensures efficient operation of any facility.

Octagon series compressors stand out among new products. They are very small in size and weight and possess patented Varicool system. These compressors cover the entire range: from low temperatures through air-conditioning to heat pumps.
Semi-hermetic screw freon compressors of HS 53/HS 64/HS 74 (18,5 – 66 kW) series have simple and robust design, high efficiency (COP), efficient capacity control, internal safety valve, electric motor protection device, low noise and vibration levels, small size and weight.

In addition to reciprocating and screw compressors, MASTER FRIGO offers its customers all other products from BITZER’s product range:
– semi-hermetic two-stage reciprocating freon compressor
– open-drive reciprocating compressors (freon and NH3)
– compressors for transport refrigeration
– semi-hermetic and hermetic screw compressors
– open-drive screw compressors (Freon and NH3)
– oil separators, oil coolers, receivers
– air-cooled condenser units

Bitzer semi hermetic reciprocating compressors

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